To Dennis Prager

If he is a born male that went through a complete puberty transformation as a man and now says he is a “complete” woman: -“Let “him” win, do not compete” -let “him” be embarrassed before the crowd, until he decides to play or participate in full men or trans and LGBTQ+ new exclusive categories, only.
There is where they belong! Sorry!

Let “him” swim alone in the pool. Let “him” run alone in the track field. Let “him” play alone in the court. Let “him” fight alone the other invisible real woman fighter in the ring. ¡Do not compete or fight! Until “he” understands what “he” is doing and leaves the pool, the field, the track or the courts with “his” worthless medals and records and does not come back.

“Girls if you are a fighter or a boxer, do not fight “him” either, it´s very dangerous”, “his” strength is greater than any girl´s is, -Let “him” be embarrassed before the crowd, until “he” decides to play, fight or participate in full men or new trans categories, only.

These are fair conditions for born girls in any sports, sororities and anywhere.

Think about it and act accordingly! GIRLS: BOY-CUT “HIM”!

This, until LGBTQ+ new exclusive rules exist and special categories are defined for trans-women or trans-men to live, play and fight against each other.

I´ve known what womanhood is with my beloved grandmother´s, mother´s and wife´s important examples. Including all other real women I have met up to now.

I could not ever be able to do what they, complete born girls and grown women did when I was born or when my two sons were born. Never!

And, you, “men” that pretend to be “complete” women, remember that nature says different.
Just check between your legs what you were endowed at birth when you were born, and do not challenge nature, it´s dangerous and impossible to do or change it completely without risk.

So why compete with or against real girls or women, when you were born and are a “complete man” no matter what you do to your body, feel and say? It´s impossible to challenge nature! Don´t even try it! It´s as I said before, very dangerous!

If you try to change your body you may be disappointed later in life. Live and use your body as you got it at birth! Maybe this is the best idea!

Girls and boys: -Think about all these facts! Please!
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