Mr. Trump

Donald TrumpI usually write my articles and most of my books and other works in Spanish, but this one with the permission of my usual readers I will specially write it in English for you, because I think you do not fluently speak or read or write or understand Spanish. If you do speak, read, write or understand it, please receive my sincere apologies and warmest congratulations to you and to your parents.

I know for a fact that not many US Americans do… some Mexican Americans, as I am, we do speak, read and write in English and do it very well, we are not all so bad people at all. “You know”, we are Americans too, as are Canadians, Brazilians and Chileans or other fellow Americans south of the border are… “You know…”

Recently I heard your speech, in English, when you commented to your fellow countrymen of your intentions of becoming the next president of the United States of North America, in which you mentioned again that México is sending to the US the worst kind of people. And, maybe some are but not all.

Some need to go looking over there for better work and living conditions, due to the fact that those opportunities are not yet available in our poor and not well managed country. Mainly they heard somewhere about “The American Dream…”

Maybe the most important question we need then to ask ourselves is why we are so poor down here in México?

But before answering such important question, let me say also something about your comment that most “automotive jobs” are coming to México and that such thing is not appropriate for your country. Is that so? In regard to this crucial point, why don´t you consider that most of those jobs are done for international auto makers such as Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Renault, Chrysler and others, giving to those corporations good profits with our Mexican skilled labor involved. Which does not charge the same amount of dollars per hour as your local workforce? Why? Then, who should be deemed responsible for that? México, it´s government or the various Business owners of such companies as you are? I do not know and you?

And, now that I´ve reached the point of speaking of your condition of an important “Businessman”, I would like to inform you that once I walked up and down the electric steps in your magnificent and huge “Trump Tower” in NY and even ate an ice-cream in one of your tenant´s shops, and also some time ago I saw some “old” chapters of your Apprentice Program, that seemed educational or competitive, and even watched some shows of the Miss Universe Pageant, enterprises that you supported and where you seemed to be at least to me an honest entrepreneur. But, your last comments, even though you tried afterwards to present some kind of partial remorse do not correspond any more with my own previous perceptions. Anyway, my congratulations again!

In México we are poor and don´t have enough jobs or education because our own obsolete “Education System” requires a major overhaul and maybe it needs to be drastically improved as soon as possible (ASAP), so more Mexicans will abide the law of the land and with that will be able to improve their own economic situation without needing to flee to your country. More job opportunities in our own country will hopefully be resulting with these last endeavors.

Regarding the “Bad people” we are sending to you; please consider that you are not always sending us here the best ones that you can too. It is a matter or problem that goes both ways. Why don´t we try to solve it jointly, as we should do with the Drug addiction one that must be handled correspondingly too.

Mr. Trump, with these last comments I will switch back to Spanish and hope you can do it too.

Why? I do have some other Spanish speaking matters and business to be handled next.

Regards, Jacobo.


No. 1: Mil disculpas a mis asiduos lectores de Pulso Pyme, pero el presente va a estar escrito en inglés, espero lo puedan entender. Si no, pues por favor apréndanlo. ¡No duele! Para eso están las Vázquez… ¡Por favor, no sigan siendo “Esquezofrenicos”.