“Change of leadership will bring change of outcomes, time for actions has come”

Donald Trump, RNC, 07-21-2016

TRUMP-PENCEMr. Trump argues that the worst international trade deal ever done by the United States in the history, was put together by President Bill Clinton and it’s called: “NAFTA, North America Free Trade Agreement”, between Canada, Mexico and the United States. ¡Maybe it’s time to review it!

When I hear these types of statements including the proposal of building a big wall, along the complete border with Mexico to definitely stop illegal aliens to come unchecked or unauthorized to the country, makes me wonder.

¿What about China and their building thousands of plants and creating millions of jobs there, paying low wages to their million poor employees or children, since President Nixon went there long time ago and also made then other trade deals? And talking about Nixon, which he mentioned as a previous president of the US, I remember that he was impeached and required to step down due to the Watergate scandal many years ago.

¿What about being the US the greatest consumer of drugs in the world, and thus indirectly supporting the growth and economic might the big drug cartels have around the world?

¿Why when talking about NAFTA, Canada and its particular growth related to this same free trade agreement is not mentioned even once? ¿How about the plants built there? ¿How about the jobs created there? ¿What about considering the new prime minister of Canada that lately started to support and help again Islamic organizations? ¿Why Trump is not planning to build a wall also in that border, maybe because it is even more expensive than the one in the south, because it is even larger than that with Mexico, and maybe the Canadians will not want to pay for it? ¿How about the possibility of entering illegally to the US, by millions of aliens from the northern border or by sea or by air to the US, including terrorists or people bringing in drugs? ¿Consider such possibility, please?

¿Or maybe, we can also build special big levees and high walls along the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and in the Gulf of Mexico to avoid any possibilities of non-welcomed intrusions? ¿Who can or will be charged of these last important deterrents of aliens to the country? ¿And how about a big dome to cover the whole land, or independent ones for each major city in the country like the ones in science fiction books, maybe all this also paid by special tax dollars or by Mexico and Canada? ¿Or maybe by the dolphins…? ¡Looks like the ostrich syndrome to me…!

¡No, better, let’s start building a modern dome in each American city and perhaps supply it with a surrounding wall in each of all those big American cities, to bring them into the second part of the XXI century as soon as possible, like the ones shown in science fiction books or movies or history books! ¡Maybe it would also be possible to surround each walled and domed city with a moat full of water and crocodiles and in the entrance a lowering bridge like in the medieval times, remember that such cities were inexpugnable by the Huns, the pirates or the current Islamic terrorists or illegal aliens!

Maybe all these will help improve the relationship between Mexico and the United States and also obtain better results within our own countries, if we realize that a “Good Neighborhood Status” is important and can be of great challenge to both sides to improve or achieve internally and collectively.

Last comment: -“The moment they start  building that wall in our northern border, Mexico should also start building another one in our south border, at the Suchiate River, to help the country stop illegal aliens coming from various countries south of the border, and make all the Central and South American countries pay for it… ¡Good idea…! ¿Or not…?”

¡Each country then should start building all kind of walls around their countries and cities, like in medieval times. ¡China did it many years ago, and it has become a great tourist show…!

It will be awesome to go back and revisit the past! ¡I’ll even buy me an armored suit, a spear lance for future duels and wars, and a good horse! And if I have some money left, also buy a big castle with lots of servants, rooms, and gardens, fountains, playing rooms, gym and other amenities. ¡Obviously surrounded with a wooded bridge and door, large moat and big hungry crocodiles!

¡All, new good entrepreneurial endeavors…!

¡Really, all, good ideas!

Regards, me…

PS: Considering the comments made in the attached article, the new US president is considering changing or lowering the intensity of all his foreign policies, but I did not find anything written in it about México: